Goals 2015

Another year, another set of goals.


The year 2015 will probably be an expensive one: We’ve planned for a vacation in the U.S., my two kids will attend daycare for three days per week and we might move to a new place. So, the amount of fresh cash available for the dividend machine will be limited. When taking all this into account and based on some rough calculations it should be feasible to allocate €1000 per month to the dividend machine.


Based on the current portfolio, exchange rates and known dividends the expected dividend output of the dividend machine in 2015 will be €1490. However, the dividend machine will be fed with another 12K EUR as mentioned in the previous goal. This will also produce some dividends this year. Predicting the future is usually hard so i’ll have to make some assumptions here: This 13490 EUR of new money will yield dividends which are evenly distributed across the year and the average, net dividend yield will be 3%.

So, the expected amount of dividend in 2015 will be €1490 + €202 (3% * 0,5 * 13490). Including some dividend increases I set the goal of €1750  in dividends for 2015.


In 2014 I’ve conducted 38 trades. My broker will be happy about that. For 2015 I want to lower the amount of trades in order to save on costs. Given 12 months equals 12 trades and perhaps I need to close 1 or 2 positions the goal of max 16 trades will be set for 2015.


I’m working on a script which will automatically update the 2015 goals displayed in the side bar on the right. Stay tuned, i’m aiming for February for go-live.

Photo credit : Empty Goal by Maurizio D’Arrigo


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