Results November 2015

November brought €113 in new dividends

One position was sold and two new positions were initiated.


A total of €113 of dividend was received this Month. Compared to November 2014 this meant an increase of approximately 98%.

The first dividends from AB Inbev and Telenor were received.  Increased dividends were received from  Kraft Heinz Company (4.39%) and Verizon (2.77%)

The following table provides an overview of all the dividends received this month:

fund ticker amount
Banco Santander SAN.MC € 6.98 *
AB Inbev  ABI.BR € 12.00
Statoil STL.OS NOK 95.85
Telenor TEL.OS NOK 152.25
British Land BLND.L GBP 5.67
Kraft Heinz Company KHC $ 12.71
Verizon VZ $ 12.49
LTC Properties LTC $ 5.81
iShares JPM $ Em Mrkts Bond IEMB.L $ 9.19
Prospect Capital PSEC $ 10.20
Stone Harbor Emerging Markets Income Fnd EDF $ 12.24

* EUR 1.89 cash and 1 share worth € 5.09

The total amount of dividend received in 2015 so far went to € 2151, which means that the 2015 dividend goal of € 2000 is met.

Check the dividend page for an overview of all the dividends.


In order to rake in some of the gains caused by the increased value of the dollar i decided to sell the bond ETF iShares JPM $ Em Mrkts Bond (IEMB.L) and the freed cash to buy two European companies:

* 13 shares of Sanofi (SAN.PA) were bought for € 79.29 per share
* 15 shares of BASF (BAS.DE) were acquired for € 73.36 per share

These changes made that the total number of holdings went to 32.

More recent data about the portfolio value can be found here.

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