Results March 2016

March 2016 ended with an ROI increase of 183 basis points  which brings the ROI to -5%.

We received € 247 in new dividends, we increased our stake in Munich RE and had to deal with a 74% dividend cut.


This table provides an overview of all the dividends received in March:

fund ticker currency amount
Atrium European Real Estate ATRS.VI EUR 16.34
Royal Dutch Shell RDSA.AS EUR 56.12 *
Unilever UNA.AS EUR 25.41
BHP Billiton BLT.L GBP 14.19 **
BP BP.L GBP 27.35
Johnson & Johnson JNJ USD 10.84
LTC Properties LTC USD 5.81
Mercury General MCY USD 21.08
Prospect Capital PSEC USD 10.2
Stone Harbor Emerging Markets Income Fnd EDF USD 12.24
UMH Properties UMH USD 22.95

* The Shell dividend consisted of 2 shares a €21.65 and €12.82 in cash
** This dividend payment of BHP marks a 74% dividend cut

Converted to Euro it adds up to €247 which, compared to March 2015,  is an increase of 8.74% in dividends.

Check the dividend page for an overview of all the dividends.



We acquired 6 additional shares of Munich RE (MUV2.DE) for  €179.35 per share including fees and taxes. The acquisition lowers the average price per share we paid for Munich RE to €189.28

More recent data about the portfolio value can be found here.

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