Results August 2014


The dividend machine produced in August €19,58 en $50,47.
Besides receiving dividend I made four changes to the portfolio
The return on investment went to an all time high of +3.34%


In August I received 7 times a dividend, worth in total €19,58 and $50,47. Converted to Euro’s this is roughly € 58. The total amount of dividends received this year equals € 588 which is 98% of the initial goal of €600 dividend. I will aim higher next year 🙂

The dividends are shown in the table below:

fund ticker amount
Banco Santander SAN.MC €19.58*
LTC Properties Inc LTC $5.49
Stone Harbor Emerging Markets Income Fnd EDF $12.24
Prospect Capital Corp PSEC $13.52
iShares JPM $ Em Mrkts Bond (USD) IEMB $8.29
iShares U.S. Preferred Stock ETF PFF $5.41
Putnam Master Intermediate Income Trust PIM $5.52

* Banco Santander issued a stock dividend. I got 2 shares Banco Santander for €7,223 per share and € 5,13 cash.


The total value of the portfolio measured in Euro’s was € 25838. Since € 25000 was invested the ROI is +3,34% which is the highest return rate so far this year. More recent data about the portfolio value can be found here .

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