Results Q2 2018

Second quarter of 2018

Another quarter has passed. Let’s see what happened with the dividend machine in the second quarter of 2018 :

  • The machine produced a total of €1115 in dividends
  • Four additional purchases were made


Q2 brought € 1115 in dividends spread over 47 dividend payments. Compared to the second quarter of 2017 (€1221)  this meant a decrease in dividend income of 9%. This can be explained by the fact that in May and June last year National Grid (NG.L) issued a reverse stock split and a special dividend. For the dividend machine this meant € 163 in special dividend income. Without this special dividend the dividend machine generated around 5% in additional income compared to 2017.

The dividend totals, in Euro, per month were :

month dividend(EUR)
April   412
May   415
June   278

Check the dividend page for an overview of all the dividends.

Portfolio changes

  • Added 17 shares of Sanofi (SAN.PA) for a total of € 1140.33. The Sanofi holding now has a total of 45 shares.
  • Aqcuired another 12 Pepsico (PEP) shares  for  € 1052.26. This transaction doubled the holding in Pepsico.
  • Bought 15 shares of Procter and Gamble (PG) for a total of € 999,10
  • Another 98 shares of National Grid (NG.L) were added for GBP 873.50. The National grid position

NB: all mentioned prices above are including taxes and commissions

More recent data about the portfolio value can be found here.

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