Recent Swap


Putnam Master Intermediate Income Trust (PIM) was mainly bought for its monthly dividend income, but nowadays i’m more into dividend growth investments. Therefore  I decided to swap my stake in  PIM for a real company : Kraft Foods Group Inc (KRFT).


26 shares of KRFT were bought for $1477,26 including transaction fees, so the cost per share equals $ 56,82.  KRFT has some solid numbers:

  • PE: 14
  • EPS : $4
  • Pay out ratio : 52%


The current dividend of Kraft is $ 0.525 per quarter so the YOC (Yield On Cost) is 3,70% for me which is a fine entry point.

In 2014 we can expect one dividend payment which will add a net of $11,60 to the dividend machine.





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